Dell World

Dell World

Every spring Dell hosted a giant tech conference to showcase its latest innovative solutions. Over the course of four days, thousands of people traveled from all over to see the newest product and software solutions from Dell, hear from keynote speakers like Bill Clinton and Elon Musk, and attend networking parties. Dell World was an opportunity for Dell to cater to the current fanbase while improving brand perception.

As the keepers of the brand, we worked very closely with agencies like Jack Morton and Sparks to ensure that each Dell World felt unique but also brand aligned. From the home page to the main stage, breakout sessions, expo floor, everything had to be cohesive. This required several weeks of planning, meetings, and coordination amongst many teams. We had to maintain a fifty-thousand-foot view over everything while getting our hands dirty finalizing executive decks and delivering last minute requests. I was always onsite the week of Dell World, working with partners like RSD to address any brand violations and to ensure that everything went smoothly from a brand perspective.

Art Director: Russell Toynes, Megan Sömmer

Date: 2012 - 2015
Client: Dell
Role: Art Director
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