A true Austinite (there aren't too many of us left). I love my wife, my daughter, my wiener dog, Jim, and cheeseburgers (with jalapeños). I believe in giving back to my community and those that have helped me throughout my life. I get excited about solving problems and creating engaging experiences. I consider myself a creative but I wouldn't say I am an illustrator, though I manage to create some very interesting unrefined doodles. After an awesome five year career as an Art Director on Dell's global brand team (Dell Blue), I joined Studio Dzo in 2016 as a partner. Our goal is to disrupt the sign industry by putting design front and center. As the Creative Director, I push my team to identify the problem before coming up with possible solutions. If I am not in the office I'm probably in a classroom. I am honored to have taught Portfolio Development at Austin Community College since 2015.

Let's chat over cheeseburgers & fries